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What is the Need for The SCCAG 

Children of our community often lack understanding of their ancestors’ language, culture, music, traditions and often this leads to their misunderstanding and isolation from and within their own families. This often happens because many of our children born in this country and have not had the opportunity to imbibe the culture of the grandparents and their parents. Therefore, there is often a divide between children of our community, between those who were born in this country and those who were not born in this country. This divide is obviously not good for our community; we want everyone, all families and children to be able to understand both the UK style of life and at the same time they keep also their culture, language and traditions. These problems and issues often lead to children and young people from our community to ignore their roots and when they travel holidays to the land of their ancestors they struggle to communicate, to interact and to participate fully in family life. But the problem is also here, e.g. in a household we may find situations in which children and parents communicate in different languages and this prevents parents to be able to help children with school, and prevents children to fully participate in the life of their own community. Many children lack access to after school provision and cultural opportunities that help them to learn about their ancestors. Many families live in social exclusion which make them miss many opportunities.