Our Program


Our Aim 

We will organise and deliver a Saturday Sudanese, Arabic and Culture School for children of our community. The project will run on a weekly basis and the aim is that children from our community have the opportunity to learn the culture, language and traditions of our ancestors.

The program will include appropriate activities for children such as art and crafts, educational games, music and dance, indoor sport activities and literacy and numeracy sessions for the children to learn about their own families’ culture and background. This program will help children to better integrate within their own communities as often many of our families have lived in the UK for many years and many of the children actually born in this country.

With this program we are trying that these children do not lose their mix cultural background, and that they have the opportunity to learn the language of their parents, understand their culture, traditions, music, dances and literature. This will help children to be able to communicate with their grandparents and we have found that often the children struggle to communicate with them due to the fact that these children speak mainly English as their education has taken place in this country, and the consequence of this is that within same families there is a ‘cultural gap’ which obviously this program aims at closing.

The intention of the program is that children enjoy and have fun with the activities that will be delivered; this is an educational experience based on the community, and therefore it is not a school in the traditional term. We do not want to add pressure t children, but on the contrary we intend that this program will bring an entertaining opportunity to children to learn in a community based and safe environment.

The program will be delivered on Saturdays and will consist of three hours per week. There instructor will speak both English and Arabic, and will be supported by volunteers who will also have a CRB check. We will also ensure that everyone involve in this program will attend training in safeguarding children and for this purpose we will inform the Hull Safeguarding Children Board of our program.